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        Company's quality policy:

        Adhere to scientific and technological innovation and management innovation, continuous improvement of the quality of products and services to meet the requirements of customers and laws and regulations.

        Company quality objectives:

        Product quality to customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction 98%.

        Company quality system

        According to the basic principles of quality management - the process approach, the company's quality management system is divided into four major processes:

        1. Management responsibility process

        This process identifies the company's quality policy and objectives, forms the document, establishes the company's quality organization, clarifies the interrelationships, provides quality-related management, enforcement, verification personnel responsibilities, authorities and relationships; identifies the fundamental goal of the company to achieve and Enhance customer satisfaction.

        2. Resource management process

        Human resources and production facilities are the guarantee for the effective operation of quality management system and the basis for product realization. The process manages and controls the above two resources.

        3. Product realization process

        The process effectively controls the various factors that affect the realization of the product through planning of product realization, customer-related processes, design and development, procurement, production and service provision, measurement and monitoring of devices, in order to achieve product The quality objectives and requirements.

        4. Measure, analyze and improve the process

        This process specifies the management content and requirements for internal audits, monitoring and measurement of processes, monitoring and measurement of products, control of nonconforming products, data analysis, corrective actions and precautions to meet customer requirements and achieve continuous improvement.

        After-sales service commitment

        Warranty period, scope, warranty conditions

        In the normative installation and the correct use of the circumstances, the company provided by the product from the date of installation, the quality guarantee period of one year, during this period, the product under normal conditions of use, due to the quality of the product itself, to provide customers with "Three Guarantees" service.

        Solve the problem, troubleshooting speed

        (1) For customers free wire and cable selection services and related technical advisory services.

        (2)Marketing service personnel quickly, accurately and patiently answer any questions and questions raised by customers.

        (3)After receiving the quality problem information reflected by the customer, give a definite reply and solution within 1 hour. If you need to solve the problem on site, within 12 hours after receiving the notification, our city will send professional and technical personnel within 48 hours To the scene to solve the problem.。

        Other commitments in after sales service

        Shanghai Yong-Jin Cable (Group) Co., Ltd. is a trans-regional cross-industry large state-level enterprises. My company's "progress" brand wire and cable products "Shanghai famous brand", "Shanghai famous trademark" and so on. Company to "carefully selected materials, intentions manufacturing, ease of use, integrity services" as the quality policy, to provide 100% qualified products. Our company has 30 years history of wire and cable manufacturing, with the most advanced manufacturing equipment and testing equipment to ensure that the power cable products provided meet the requirements of GB / T12706-2008 standards, control cable products meet the requirements of GB9330-2008 standards, electrical equipment cables Products meet GB5023-2008, JB8734-1998 standards, other products meet the appropriate national, industry, business standards and user-specific requirements. And to ensure that we provide products for the new, unused. Problem, to provide customers with "three guarantees" service.

        (1)The use of our products, users of the tracking service, from time to time to track the user to visit, to grasp and solve the user in the course of the problems that may arise.

        (2)My company will be meticulous, meticulous, anytime, anywhere to meet the reasonable requirements of customers, we provide not only quality products and excellent service, we also use practical actions to promote a value to customers, choose us Is to choose trust.

        Other favorable conditions

        (1)Service 24 hours at any time, after receiving the repair city of 12 hours, 48 hours to other provinces and cities to the scene, the repair until the product equipment fully restored to the normal operation of the state.

        (2)The company's products free maintenance, warranty period of 12 months.

        (3)The use of our products, the user tracking service, understand the feedback, timely grasp of the health of the product.

        (4)In normal installation and proper use of the equipment, the equipment is put into normal operation. We promise all kinds of quality problems occurring in the equipment in one year. Because of the quality of the products, we will replace and repair the equipment to provide "Three Guarantees" services to our customers.


        Service Hotline: 400-1800-999

        Switchboard Number: +86-21-57578777

        Consultin: Shawn +86-15021922450

        E-mail: info@yojin.com.cn

        Address: No.388, Jinju Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai 201404

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