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        Q:What is the cable for 100kw?

        A:Single-phase load 4.5A per kilowatt (COS & = 1), motor 2A per kilowatt (COS & = 0.85, N = 0.85), calculate the current and then select the wire. The single-phase load is 100 kW = 450 A (if it is divided into 3 phases, it is divided by 3.), the motor is 10

        Q:How is the square of the wire calculated, and the amount of electricity?

        A:The square of the wire can be calculated from the diameter of the wire, because the wire diameter is better measured, the formula is s = 3.14d / 4; d is the diameter. There is an estimated formula for the amount of electricity, which is posted for your re

        Q:What are the standards used in cable production?

        A:It is generally produced by national standard, and some products are produced by European, American and German standards.

        Q:What are the types of cable packaging?

        A:Wire products can be packaged in rolls, wrapped with external plastic film; cable products are packaged in wooden or steel wood, covered with a protective film on the outer disk or packaged with wood.

        Q:How to choose the cable model and specifications?

        A:Cable selection generally consists of cable name, model number, voltage rating, and specification (core number x conductor cross-sectional area). For example: mineral insulated fireproof cable BBTRZ-0.6/1kV-3*70

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