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        Shanghai Yongjin Cable Group once again won the top 100 cable industry in China

        release time:2018-12-10 Browse:

         Shanghai Yongjin Cable Group has once again won the top 100 most competitive enterprises in China's cable industry in 2018.


        Since its establishment, Shanghai Yongjin Cable Group has always attached importance to quality brands, intensified technological innovation, and optimized operational efficiency. Compared with 2017, its competitiveness has increased by 10, making it the most competitive enterprise in this year.

        Up to now, we have the most advanced BTTZ fireproof cable production line in the country, and take the lead in the industry to form YTTW (RTTZ), NG-A (BTLY), BBTRZ, HFTGB, copper, aluminum, steel sheathed fireproof cable production line. We have been continuously investing in technological transformation, constantly making breakthroughs in quality and R&D, and constantly laying a good foundation for the future development of a stable and far-reaching development.

        The selection was co-sponsored by the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association Wire and Cable Branch and the Shanghai Cable Research Institute. It invited the national cable industry and the experts in the fields of economy and management to form a review team to scale, grow and efficiency, and technological innovation for the nation's cable companies. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of various dimensions such as customer satisfaction, brand awareness, corporate culture, entrepreneur management level and industry contribution, and finally selected the listed companies.

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